A Celebration Giveaway!

It’s not just the blog that looks different these days. Check out this gorgeous new cover for CALL OF THE WILDER!


See, we wanted to find many ways to celebrate the release of THE BRIDESMAID AND THE BACHELOR and the start of the Calypso Falls series. So since THE B&B takes place in Vegas, this seemed like a great time to update the cover of my other Vegas-set book.

AND the first chapter of THE B&B is included in the Wilders.

AND we dropped the price to a cool, limited-time-offer 99 cents.

AND I’m doing a giveaway! Yes, five copies of CALL OF THE WILDER are up for grabs. You can read all the official rules etc and ENTER by clicking here. Good luck, and may the (better than Vegas) odds be with you!

(Sorry about it being US only. I’m trying to find a way to do one for my Canadian readers, but so far, no luck.)