September Recap

September is usually a very start-stop month for us, due to many days off thanks to Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. This year, though, they fall very late, meaning that in September, the girls were not scheduled to have any days off.

So of course poor HRH came down with strep and missed three days.

Overall, though, September was a decent start to the new year. (I know, technically, the new year starts in a few months. Tough. I am still living by the academic calendar.)

  • the girls returned to school – a new school for Tsarina, the adventure of learning to ride the bus for both of them.
  • the cats have settled into the household and are now trying to decide who gets to be the alpha malecats-wrestling
  • church choir started again! Oh, how I have missed this
  • we went apple picking. And made homemade applesauce (topped here with homemade granola and whipped cream from a can, because there’s only so many hours in a day)hot-applesauce
  • Tsarina is playing soccer. Even kicking the ball once in a while!
  • HRH painted faces at our church’s booth at a local festival
  • we continued unpacking. At this point we have all the essentials set, but I am looking forward to soccer season ending so I can have Sunday afternoons back to work through more boxes
  • we had a gorgeous view of a hot air balloon over the hills


Oh, and there was writing!

  • the final page proofs of The Bridesmaid and the Bachelor
  • initial revisions (and a new title – story coming soon!) for the March Superromance
  • 30,000+ words on the next Superromance

So, yes, we made pretty good use of September 2016. And now it’s time to head into my favorite month of the year (even though this time around, it will be seriously overwhelming). HELLO, OCTOBER!