Coming Attractions

If you receive my newsletter you might have seen this already, but it hit me that I’ve been talking a lot about upcoming releases – but haven’t mentioned when you should look for them! (Though may I humbly point out that the first two are available for pre-order? Click on the links to be taken to the pertinent pages.)So here’s how things look for the next few months.

Coming November 2016:


Coming January 2017:


Coming March 2017:

TWO WRONGS MAKE RIGHT, the next Comeback Cove, Canada book


Coming June 2017:

The not-yet-titled third CALYPSO FALLS story
It’s quite possible that there will be another Comeback Cove book on the fall of 2017. And I might be able to slip in something short and unexpected (no hints, sorry!). But for the moment, this is the plan. I’ll let you know of any additions as soon as I do!