Is It Nap Time Yet?

We had quite a morning here at Casa Kitty.

After a week of trying one schedule, I could tell it was time to make some adjustments. I set my alarm to go off fifteen minutes earlier, thus giving me a chance to do yoga, start Tsarina’s lunch, clean the bathroom, feed the cats, and eat a piece of toast in peace before I have to wake her. To my delight, that part all worked well.

Okay. There was the moment when my husband staggered out of the bedroom not long after I left, muttering something about a cat getting closed in the room and freaking out because OH MY GOD SHE IS OUT THERE FILLING THE BOWLS AND I CAN’T GET THERE. But once the hungry kitty had been freed and was at his bowl, all was well.

Oh, except for that moment when I was eating my toast and Fidget jumped up behind me. He purred and snuggled against my back and it was actually kind of loving and adorable until he started making pitiful noises and clawing at the chair and my back and anything in between. I jumped up and saw that he had managed to get his head stuck between the slats of the chair. See how the opening is wider at the bottom? Yep. That was all he needed.


(By the way, we will have a real floor in the dining room someday. There are Complications.)

So we proceeded with the morning. Tsarina got up, got dressed, did her morning chores. HRH was a little nervous about a big test today, so I decided to be Good Mommy and make her a special breakfast – eggs baked in bread nests. But they took a bit longer to assemble and cook than I anticipated, and at the last minute I realized Tsarina wouldn’t like it so I made her usual pancake, and we were getting behind so I had her get her shoes on and do her hair and the pancake was ready and she ate it fast and went to brush her teeth and I remembered I hadn’t heated her soup for her lunch. So I ran around tossing stuff in the microwave (crashing into poor HRH, who was trying to eat her egg nest), and I sent Tsarina out to the bus with Daddy and the time was ticking and the damned soup still wasn’t hot and OF COURSE this was the day the bus came early. So Tsarina had to get on without her lunch but with the promise that Daddy would drop it at school on his way.

Tsarina wasn’t exactly thrilled. I can’t blame her. The poor kid did everything I asked and still had to deal with a lunch being delivered late, and none of it was her fault. Mommy fail.

So she was on the bus. The husband – still in his workout clothes, because he had been dealing with a dryer issue all morning – took HRH to school and did the lunch drop-off. I decided that I was too frazzled to start work right away, so I headed out for my morning walk.

Two miles later, I’m back home. The house is quiet. I found Fidget asleep on Tsarina’s bed. Caesar was nowhere to be seen, but he often likes to curl up under a bed, so I wasn’t too worried.

Except that I realized I hadn’t seen him for a while before I left for my walk.

And when I started getting ready for the shower, I heard a muffled but definite mewing coming from … somewhere?

I looked in the usual spots. Nothing. I went into my office. Remember that view of the messy side of my office?

office rear

That door beside the bookcase isn’t a closet. It’s a small room that contains the heating oil tank. (Long story, the office used to be a garage, yada yada, please don’t make me think about the fact that I spend my days sitting six feet from a freakin’ oil tank.) The dryer vent goes through that room. It turns out that while my husband was wrestling with the vent hose, Caesar snuck into the room with him.

And my husband had no idea.

And when he left to take HRH to school, he closed the door to the tank room because I am positive there are monsters in there. But there was no monster. Just Caesar.

Poor Caesar, who, by my best reckoning, spent a good hour in there until I figured out there was a problem.

I opened the door. He burst out, plastered himself to my legs, jumped on me, and didn’t leave my side for the next ten minutes.

And yes, ALL of this happened before I had my shower today.

So yeah. If anyone needs me, I’ll be the one doing some horizontal plotting today …..