My Mutual of Omaha Weekend

Well, friends, it was an eventful weekend here at Casa Kitty. It became very apparent that we weren’t living in a subdivision any longer.

It started with a mouse sighting. Yes, three weeks in the new house, and I spotted my first rodent as I was running around prepping the house for a visit from The Geek. Caesar had been prowling around the laundry room a few minutes earlier, so he may have sniffed it out. I’m not sure. All I know is that I caught sight of it, immediately locked myself in my office, and hid in there until Hubs made it home from a football game. There may have been whimpering. And horrible flashbacks to childhood viewings of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom. However, I did use the time to (a) freak out on Twitter & Facebook, and then (b) settle down and do more pages of revisions. So, silver lining.

(BTW, I do not know what happened to the mouse. If Caesar got it, I didn’t see any evidence. Which is fine. I’m good with the cats taking care of any rodents. I just want it all to happen far away from my sight or hearing. )

On Saturday morning, I spotted a groundhog on the front lawn. That’s not so unexpected, nor nearly as terrifying. There were also numerous spider sightings, but luckily, spiders don’t bother me. I can feel totally badass while dealing with them. Just keep Mickey far away.

The wildest moment, though, came on Saturday night. We were outside in the deep dark, enjoying a fire in our fire pit, making s’mores, goofing off, all that wonderful stuff. The Geek suddenly ordered us to listen because he’d thought he heard an owl. We shushed the girls and waited, and sure enough, a moment later we heard a faint whoo-whoooooo. Very awesome. We listened more, only to hear something very different: a high, whinnying kind of sound. Like a horse on steroids. Or a person with Issues.

We heard it again. And again. And each time, it was louder. Like it was getting … gulp … closer.

The girls freaked. (I wasn’t so solid myself.) We raced back inside. The Geek used his impressive Google skills, and a moment later, we had our answer: we’d been hearing a screech owl. How such a creepy noise could come from such a teeny bird is beyond me. Now that we know the source, I do hope we hear it again. Owls are awesome. Plus they help with the Mickey issue.

Because guess what I saw on Sunday night? Oh yeah. Close out the weekend the way it started. And where were the cats? Well, we had just filled their bowls, and Sunday night is Canned Food night. They weren’t going anywhere.

Which means I am still waiting for Marlon Perkins to come take care of this Wild Kingdom.