Things I Forgot Over The Summer

  • The sound of silence. (Though with the cats in residence, things are a tad noisier than they were at Casa Chaos.)
  • How hard it is to sit and focus for hours at a time. No wonder the kids come home from school exhausted!
  • Routines. I love them, but yeah. Sticking to them takes a lot.
  • How it feels to not be hot.
  • The joy of cooking. Summer meals are all based around one question: how do I cook this without turning on the oven? Once the weather cools, the kitchen becomes much more attractive.
  • The joy of homework.
  • That even though I have more hours to work, I also have more work to fill those hours.

But there’s one thing that I didn’t forget:

  • Fall has always been – and always will be – my favorite season.

yard leaves