Let The Painting Commence

Remember the practice table?

I had great fun with it, but when it was done I fell out of the painting rhythm. Plus, you know, hot, end of school, conference, all that good stuff.
But the other day, Hubs reminded me

that we had to get the desk – you know, the big project I had in mind when I did the practice table – out of the garage. The desk is big and makes it difficult to get other things in and out of the garage. Since I don’t want to paint the desk on the new carpet in my new office … and since there’s no garage at the new house (yet) … it’s time to start painting.

So I ventured into the (seriously hot) garage, removed the drawers and hardware, and laid the desk on its back.

The drawers, all ready to go:

One hour and a boatload of sweat later, here’s what I had:

It’s off to a most encouraging start.