I Need To Get Out More. 

Wednesday is not an official conference day, but there are many events taking place. I attended a bazillion excellent sessions presented by the Harlequin folks and got to see an abundance of wonderful people at the gigantic book signing. So what was the most exciting moment of my day? 

Catching my first Uber. 

Roomie Gayle and I had an event that was too far to walk even for us. We bit the bullet and Ubered our way there and back. 

Of course we needed guidance. Gayle asked her daughters for advice. A lovely lady from L.A. overheard our nervous discussions in the lobby and took us in hand. But in the end, seriously, it was so very easy – and enjoyable – and reasonable. 

The widest part was how giddy we were. Anyone listening would have thought we had just delivered breech triplets or some similarly astonishing feat. We even bragged to people in the elevator. 

Yep. I definitely need to get out more.