Where In The World Is The Mensch?

Last Friday, the Mensch said farewell to his home in Peru.

Farewell Ollantaytambo

He had an amazing experience there, and I know he would go back in a heartbeat if circumstances allowed. I am so very happy that he was able to spend the last six months as part of this wonderful group. Chance of a lifetime, for sure.

However, when he left, it wasn’t for home. Nope. Adventure Number Two was already lined up. He flew from Lima to Amsterdam.(I can’t begin to figure out how many hours and time zones were involved.) He had an overnight layover, and as luck would have it, the Fraulein was able to meet him. I know he would have made the most of his stop no matter what, but I also know that he enjoyed it immeasurably more thanks to his honorary big sister.

So Friday was South America. Saturday was Europe. And on Sunday, he hit his third continent in three days.

third continent

Hello, South Africa. He’s mighty pleased to meet you.