Christening The New Place

We won’t be moving into Casa Coyote for a while, but we are gradually making it our own. Last week we celebrated the end of the school year by having a party there with some neighbourhood friends. We set up card tables


and put out markers. The kids toured the house and ate cake and drew pictures.


When they were done, they raced around the lawn checking for bunnies and other assorted critters. It was a low key, utterly delightful way to begin sharing the house.

The real baptism happened on the weekend, when I hosted a desperately- needed writing retreat. (Yes! There is still writing happening, believe it or not!). My buddies Gayle Callen/Emma Cane, MJ Compton, and Christine Wenger joined for an amazingly productive few days.


Yes, we put those tables to good use. Also the back deck, the tiny front balcony, and the future playroom, which became our sleeping quarters. (All hail a carpeted basement room that stays cool despite no air conditioning.)

There were pages and pizza, changes and Chinese food, and above all, an abundance of laughter. We’re filling the house with good memories before we even have real furniture there.

I think it’s the best possible way to prioritize.

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