One Practice Table. Rocked.


Look at this! I finally finished the waxing and put the hardware back on. And it’s done!


I was nervous about the waxing process. I’d never done that before, and there is this whole mystique around it. But either I did it wrong (always a distinct possibility) or it’s been hyped up, because waxing really wasn’t hard. The roughest part was making sure there wasn’t too much wax on the brush.


I wasn’t sure what to do with the hardware, but then I remembered, practice table. This was the time to experiment. So I opted to paint the original hardware. That was probably a mistake. It’s chipping off already. But you know, distressed look, experiment, all good.


It’s back in my office now, ready to be put into use once more. Totally pleased with the way it turned out.

Next up: the desk!


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