I’m Loving It

I couldn’t wait. I had to start testing my paints. Because how is anyone supposed to resist diving into this?

camelot blue can

I made myself go slow, doing just the top of the trial desk. Here you go: Before and After.

Sorry about the different angles. But don’t you love it?

I was having so much fun that I had to use the paint on something else. I looked around and grabbed an old mirror that came from the Husband’s family. I had it hanging in my office for a while. Love the scrolls and design, but it was rather blah.

mirror before

But one coat of paint later: GOODBYE, BLAH!

mirror after

I LOVE that color on it. In reality, it’s slightly greener, which gives it a verdigris kind of look. I can’t wait to hang it in my new office.

Next up: grey on the bottom of the practice table!

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