Colors! We Have Colors!

First, a question: how ridiculous is it that I spent more time agonizing over what colors to paint a desk than we did over whether or not to offer on the house?

(Rhetorical question. No need to really answer. Really.)

In any case – wonderful readers Kim and Molly both encouraged me to go bright and cheerful with the desk do-over. And after endless deliberation, I decided to follow their thinking – in part.

I say in part, because when I looked at pictures on Pinterest, I felt that big pieces in solid bright colors didn’t work for me. I want more of a pop of color. So I came up with a plan.

Exhibit A: The desk.

desk 1

Exhibit B: Renaissance Chalk Paint in Greystone.


And Exhibit C: Renaissance Chalk Paint in Camelot Blue.

camelot blue

I plan to do the main body of the desk in Greystone. The top flat surface will be in the Camelot Blue (which I have to keep writing because I really love that name). And see that line of carved wood that goes across the width of the front of the desk – the thin strip that looks almost ruffled? I may do that in the blue as well.

I have a smaller little side table

which I will probably try first, both to get a feel for working with chalk paint (it involves WAXING. I am a tad nervous) and to see how the colors look together. But it looks like the grey won’t be here until next week, which means I have to WAIT. And SECOND GUESS. And – okay, and browse Pinterest for other projects.

This is going to be wither REALLY dangerous or REALLY fun 🙂