The Hidden Consequences of Names

Tsarina’s class will be visiting a planetarium next week. I thought that the kids might like to view this video ahead of the visit,

so this morning I shot off an email to her teacher.

Dear Awesome Teacher, if you don’t know about this video, it might be fun to watch before your trip. It features Commander Chris Hadfield singing from the ISS with the Barenaked Ladies.

A minute later, the email gets bounced back to me. Undeliverable due to … inappropriate content?

The times being what they are, I thought I had put an extra I in ISS. (Cue me picturing the National Security folks banging down my door and dragging me away, and me in my ugly jammies.) Then it hit me.

Barenaked Ladies.


Sure enough, as soon as I rewrote the message (“a famous Canadian band whose name I can’t mention here, but the last word is Ladies”), the email went through.

So here’s a lesson, kids: when picking out a name for your band, make sure it’s one that parents can put in emails to teachers. Or choose not to do such awesome things. Whatever works best 🙂