Ready (Or Maybe Not …)

Casa Chaos is officially on the market.

The listing went live last week. Monday through Saturday morning is a hazy blur of sweeping, vacuuming, rearranging, spritzing, scraping, scrubbing, and much cursing. Do yourselves a favor, kids: hire a pro to do the pre-showing cleaning. I haven’t ached this much since the last kid was born.

But on Saturday morning I gave everything a final spritz, pushed the kids out the door, and drove away, knowing that in a few minutes, potential buyers would be walking through. More will arrive today. It’s an odd feeling, one I’m still not ready for, because the truth is, I really love this house. However, I’m looking forward to making the new one ours. I know it will feel like home someday – probably faster than I expect. But it’s definitely a process.

In the meantime, there is much to anticipate. For example, my new office. Specifically, my new desk.

See, for about 20 years (seriously? Twenty YEARS???), I have been using this set-up:

old desk

It’s efficient and it’s been useful, but the fact is, it’s showing its age. This isn’t quality wood here, folks. Odds are it wouldn’t survive the move to the new place. Particle board can only survive so much.

But as we were cleaning and clearing and decluttering, we unearthed this desk that belonged to – someone in the husband’s family.

desk 1

(Please ignore the background. We’re storing it in the garage right now.)

We were going to sell it, but I took a good look at the wood, and the drawers, and some Pinterest inspiration, and I think I’m going to work some furniture restoration magic on it and make it my own.

Seems like the perfect way to transition from the old to the new. Don’t you agree?

(And now, because I can’t resist: