Patchy Patch, the Feline Vanna

While visiting my sister, I asked her cat Patchy Patch if she would like to be my book Vanna.
At first she wasn’t sure this would work for her.


(I’m not looking at anything until I have a signed contract.)

Then she became a little curious.


(My agent said there would be a new squeaky toy. I still don’t see it.)

A little break …


( Oh man. I think I’m having a catnip flashback.)

Then back to work.


(Fine. I’m a professional. I will do this. But if that squeaky toy doesn’t appear, my agent is toast.)

And then, the money shot.


( Are we done now? I have to fire my agent AND buy my own new toy before three. I’m meeting Grumpy for drinks downtown.)

Thanks, Patchy. You’re the best.

( Tell me something I don’t know. Meow.)