Ah, Weekends

I have this memory. It’s so wild that I almost can’t believe it, but I know it’s true. It’s from the days before we had kids or owned a house, back when I had a 9 – 5 job and disposable income and a waist. I distinctly remember deciding that I needed to develop a hobby (in this case, sewing) because weekends were – wait for it – a little boring.

Oh, to go back in time and smack myself.

This weekend began the adventure known as Painting the Kitchen Cupboards. I last painted the cupboards about eight or ten years ago. The husband took the kids away for a weekend and I painted. That was it. I might have done some writing, but mostly, I painted. When I was done, I ached all over but the cupboards looked fantastic.

Unfortunately, I am a bit of a dumbass when it comes to most household stuff, and I didn’t realize that I should have used glossy paint, or put something (varnish?) over the top. So you can imagine how well the paint job endured. I spent this winter wincing every time I walked into the kitchen. My plan was to spend the week of April break redoing the cupboards.

But then we found the potential new house, and had to make a frantic dive into getting this place fixed up. The floors are done, the World’s Ugliest Bathroom is remodeled, the Dumpster is booked, many minor repairs are done, the mulching is behind us,  the family/living/dining rooms have been repainted, and the professional painters are booked to come do the kitchen/hall/master bedroom. The last Big Honking Job is the facelift of the cupboards. We’re using one of those Rustoleum Cabinet Transformation kits, which walks you through the whole process. But even with that, we’re talking a time consuming job. Take down all the cupboard doors, empty all the drawers, get everything staged in the basement (because it turned freaking COLD again this weekend and we couldn’t use the garage as planned) … That in itself took the first half of Saturday. Then and only then did we get to start using the kit.

cupboards 1

Here’s the basement, covered in doors and drawers that have been through Step 1, cleaning/deglossing.

frames base coat

And here’s the kitchen, where progress was a little faster and we got through the deglossing and two bonding coats. All that woodwork used to be the same brick red as the doors. We’re going to need a third coat but you can get an idea of how it’s working.

Tsarina will be going into school late three days this week and next week (thank you, State English and Math tests from which we are opting out). I’m hoping to use those hours she’s staying home with me to get through a few more coats behind us. We need to get this done because next weekend belongs to – wait for it – loading the first trash trailer!