Hello Blankness, My Old Friend

Last week, I handed in a book. If you are not a writer, I can assure you that there are few things in the world that feel better than hitting SEND and knowing that you don’t have to think about those particular characters EVER AGAIN. Or, you know, until the revision letter arrives, but who’s thinking about that?

This was a particularly sweet send-off because there has been a whole lot of life here at Casa Chaos this month. In addition to finishing the book, I was doing a boatload of work for a promotion over on the SuperAuthors blog AND the Geek and Geekess became officially engaged AND we painted two rooms AND we signed papers to list this house BECAUSE we found a smaller place, put in an offer, and had it accepted. And we had the new house inspected. And there have been mountains of paperwork. And both girls were (and I) were sick. And there have been other situations which are not mine to share, but which have taken even more emotional energy.

So yeah. Knowing that I was going to make my deadline despite all the LIFE was a pretty sweet feeling.

Except now I am facing this:

blank whiteboard

Ah, yes, the dreaded Blank Screen. (Or whiteboard, in this case.) I have plenty of preliminary notes and possibilities for the next book, but they are all still floating around in my head, unshapen and unrecorded. Which means it’s time to start the whole process again.Which is both exciting and terrifying, in equal parts and at the same time.

Kind of like buying a new house, actually.