De Floors, Boss! De Floors!*

So as I mentioned a couple of times, we had the floors done while we were on vacation. This was a looooong overdue task, one that we kept putting off because of teeny little things like time, money. and mess. But we finally admitted defeat and scheduled them to be done while we were gone. Good timing, right?

And it was indeed. Except that the floor guys were arriving the same day we were scheduled for a late afternoon departure, which meant that I had to finish packing with a bunch of strange men wielding sanders all around me. The sanding/polishing guys were not thrilled with the office guy, and they let me know, in great detail. Oh, and no one had told us that we had to take ALL the stuff off the counters, so I spent the first frantic hour after their arrival madly hauling crap off the counters and shoving it into drawers/fridges/the oven. (I kid you not.) And Tsarina, who I allowed to skip an early morning violin practice so she could sleep late, actually woke an hour early. And HRH woke up sick and had to stay home, meaning she was upstairs trying to sleep and scary looking dudes were putting up plastic sheeting all over the house so it looked like Elliot’s place at the end of E.T. when the bad government guys have E.T. hooked up to all the machines and Elliot says, “We’re dying.” Not that I have that part memorized or anything.

And did I mention that it was my birthday?

So yeah. Hell of a lot of work, heck of a lousy start to the process, and a boatload of money, but holy guacamole, the floors are beautiful. Voila:

They also did the stairs and the family room, but I’ve subjected you folks to enough shots of my family room over the last few months.

So there you are. Another major home improvement behind us. Next up: painting the living room!

(*Those of you who don’t remember Fantasy Island may now smack me. Those of you who do remember it may smack me twice.)