My Brain Is Still On Vacation

A few years back, when Tsarina couldn’t figure out the answer to something, she would inform us that her brain was on vacation. (No surprise, it usually had gone to Vegas.)

Well, last week we went on vacation. Lovely time. Photos below. But man, I really feel like my body came home but my brain forgot to board the plane. Motivation just is not happening.

It doesn’t help that we had the floors done while we were gone. While they are now gawgeous in the extreme (photos later this week), this meant that after staggering home at 2 in the morning on Saturday, we got to spend our re-entry day hauling furniture and assorted crap back into place. Because, you know, unpacking and laundry and groceries and church and email aren’t enough to keep you busy after a trip 🙂

I hope my brain comes home soon. I have a book due in three weeks. In the meantime, here’s a few photos from the journey. Any guesses as to where we went?