I Get Around …

… or at least my blood does.

I’ve mentioned before that I give blood as often as I can, usually about four times/year. It’s a good thing, it takes just a little while, and the cookies are totally worth it. But one of the coolest things about donating is that lately, a few weeks after my appointment, I get an email telling me where my blood was sent. If it’s needed locally, it stays here. If not, it goes elsewhere.

So of course I HAVE to track this.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, the map of where my blood donations have gone (that I know of) (thus far). Red dots are places where I’ve landed. Look for updates throughout the year.

blood map 2-16 - Copy.jpg

And hey – if there’s anyone out there in Fort Worth who received some O+ blood in the last few weeks – well, that might be a little bit of me swimming around in your veins. Good to meet you.