Hello, February!

Okay, I know January is a full 31 day month, but seriously, where did it go? At this rate, February is going to be over in half an hour.

Highlights of the month:

  • we rang in the New Year with friends
  • we had folks over to dinner two weeks in a row. (I know this might not sound impressive, but that’s usually a year’s allotment of entertaining for me.)
  • the Mensch left for Peru, where he is having some ah-ma-zing experiences
  • I went on retreat!!!!
  • and drove home through a snowstorm!!
  • and got sick!!Josh Weapons & Puppies
  • the Geek and Geekess zipped in for a weekend. We looked at their photos from Israel (Weapons & Puppies? Seriously?) and listened to their stories and played games and had a lovely lazy time with them
  • And all the usual suspects – church, school, concerts, choir, winning the Powerball (just kidding. I wanted to be sure you were still awake.)

The odd thing is that, despite it being January, we really didn’t get much snow. Sure there was the storm when I had to drive home (grrr), and the girls had a snow day. Or was it two? But it all seemed to come down in a few days and then – nothing. Thus far we have had just 41.7 inches of snow this season. Our average for this time of year is 78.6. W

We’re either going to have our least-snowiest winter on record, or we’re going to get hammered in March.

The other thing that happened in January: WRITING. Big time writing. Many many words on the Elias sisters book, many many revisions on the next Comeback Cove book, much planning for the one that will come after that. Also planning for a workshop I’m giving, writing up my goals to share with my agent, research reading …

I think I have my answer as to what happened to my month 🙂

What I’m Reading:

The manual for my new phone. Life is tough when you’re techno-challenged.

What I’m Singing:

Okay, this isn’t a song. But it’s too good to not share it.