Yet Another Reason Why My Agent Rocks

I strongly, deeply, seriously urge you all to hop over to the BookEnds Literary website and check out this blog post on the need to take vacations.

Jessica wrote and addressed this to writers/agents/editors, but I believe it applies to jessicaeveryone. We all believe we’re too busy for a real break. We all believe we must stay in touch/on top/connected at all times. We all are convinced that work/life/the free world will collapse if we are not in charge.

Not that we’re egocentric, or believe the world revolves around us, or anything like that. Not at all 🙂

I am, admittedly, horrible at this. We have a trip coming up soon and I am already planning how I’ll slip in some work and meet those deadlines and, you know, drive myself and everyone around me totally bonkers with my need to keep producing. Admittedly, there’s something to be said for staying in the story and not losing the rhythm. But always? Every day?

Methinks Jessica hit it on the head.