You Say You Got a Resolution …


Screenshot 2016-01-09 07.13.17

So here we are, twelve days into the new year. How are those resolutions going?

I tend not to make resolutions – that word sounds sooooo ironclad and punitive to me, like if you slip up, you’ll be tarred and feathered. But man, I do love setting goals for the year. I love setting up a Trello board (above) and making cute little charts and spreadsheets and plans, breaking tasks down into steps, gathering ideas.

I love plans. It’s the implementing and following through that I’m not so good with.

When my boys were applying to university, they were told to make sure they applied to three types of schools: safety, just right, and stretch. I think goals should be the same way: one or two that you know you can do with just a little effort,  a bunch (the bulk of them) that you know will take longer but can be accomplished if you put your head down and stay the course, and one or two that might seem pie-in-the-sky but you want to aim for anyway. It feels like a good blend.

My goals for this year include:

easy ones: do more with my church and add more fun to my days. I joined the church choir. At my first rehearsal, they were kicking off the new year with a pot luck. Yep. Two goals accomplished with one easy step.

just-right ones: meet my deadlines. (That will be a major theme this year.) Paint a whack of rooms. Spend consistent time on career planning/reading/research.

Stretch goals: Lose weight.  Be more focused and less reactive, in both the moment and in the long term. Build in time to occasionally look up from the daily schedule to look and plan ahead, in both my personal and professional lives.

There are more, of course – after all, I do LOVE goals and plans – but you get the idea. So tell me – what do you have planned for the year ahead?