The Joy of Freezer Meals

freezer meals

Do you know what’s in that picture, folks? It’s called peace of mind.

Oh, the literal-minded will simply see four baggies in a freezer, each one stocked with a meal that’s ready to either slow-cook or reheat. But I look at that corner of the freezer and see preparation. Respite. Calm in the middle of some intense days.

I had heard of folks prepping a week or month’s worth of meals for the freezer in one giant marathon, but I had never really pursued it until I was browsing Pinterest (aka “falling into the rabbit hole”) and saw pins from folks discussing freezing meals to slow cook. And then, did my eyes and ears perk up.

I checked out some pins. Explored some helpful blogs and websites. Read up on some awesome recipes. And immediately decided to stick my toe into these still waters.

I planned out three freezer meals (yes, I know there’s four bags. Bear with me.) Picked up the extra groceries during my regular shopping. And on Monday night, when dinner was over, I spent an hour chopping, assembling, and labeling. When the hour was up, I had three meals for the freezer, and Tuesday night’s dinner all assembled in the crockpot & ready to plug in. Not bad for an hour’s work!

The instructions are written on the outside of the bag (as you can see in the photo). Essentially, when it comes time to use one, I will need to take these oh-so-intimidating steps:

  1. The night before I need it, move the selected meal bag from the freezer to the fridge.
  2.  The next morning, dump the contents into the crockpot.
  3.  Add any last ingredients that might be required (a cup of water, some wine, whatever).
  4.  Plug in the crockpot and go do something else.

You know, I wouldn’t have believed that slow cooking could get any easier. Now I know.

Oh, and that fourth bag up there? I was making beefaroni & it made a huge batch, so I threw half of that in the freezer before baking. Because rumor has it that late November and all of December require a lot of cooking already, so you can’t be too prepared.