Maple Leaves Are Falling Down

We have a lot of trees in our back yard. This makes me happy (Shade! Cool! Privacy!) and makes Hubs less than happy (“But nothing GROWS back there”). I say the trees were here before we were, so they have dibs on the space.

Anyway, lots of deciduous trees means that at this time of year, there are lots of leaves on the ground. LOTS of them. Like – is there any grass under there?

yard leavesIt’s absolutely gorgeous here today – sunny and headed for 70 F/21 C. I have sheets drying on the line and comforters airing on every possible surface. Given the falling leaf situation, this could backfire badly.

deck 11-4-15 ABut considering how much I love climbing into a freshly-made bed  and snuggling down beneath line-dried bedding, I’ll take my chances.