Casa Chaos Update: October 2015


No, please don’t let October be done yet! Can’t it stay a little longer?

We’ve been taking advantage of the sunny days lately, hitting the playground once the homework is done, trying to stock up on sunshine and fresh air before winter drives us all into our burrows. We also zipped down to the Sunshine State for the Columbus Day/Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend. We rented a house in our favorite development and spent three days at Disney. Best of all, the Mensch and the Geek & Geekess were able to join us. Lots of laughs, many stories, and more than one bomb dropped on Mom’s head. (“So Mom, I applied for a job in Antarctica …”)

Other than that it’s been pretty routine. Tsarina played rec soccer (now thankfully finished). HRH has joined many groups in her new school and is really enjoying being an official High School Student. I’m writing my next Superromance, plotting the second Berkley release, and doing my best to avoid freaking as the December holidays creep ever closer.Index cards and spreadsheets are my new best friends!

What I’m Reading:

HarriettHarriet the Invincible, by Ursula Verson

A friend recommended this for Tsarina, and it sounded so wild – a hamster princess? – that we had to check it out. So glad we did! This was a hoot, for both Tsarina and me. Many of the Amazon reviews mention the Muppet-like humor that operates on one level for kids and another for adults, and I think they hit it on the head. Harriet isn’t your typical princess. She knows that and she takes full advantage of it. When she learns she’s been cursed by a wicked fairy, she finds the upside to that and sets off on a series of definitely not-your-usual princess adventures. If you’re looking for a fun, stereotype-twisting story that challenges traditions while still embracing them, go for this one.

What I’m Singing:

HRH has been walking around the house singing a new song about ancient Mesopotamians. It’s very cute, but you KNOW where my mind and memory went after hearing it: straight here.

king tut