Heal-the-Sick Soup

chicken soup 2

Dear Readers, we have had a run of Sickness here at Casa Chaos. Last week it was Tsarina with a lousy cold. This week, both girls spent Tuesday in their sickbeds. HRH was battling a fever and sore throat. Tsarina received a new orthodontic appliance, so was tired and aching. These are the steps involved when my kids stay home:

  • Curse to myself
  • Give the kiddo the stink-eye and lay out the Dire Consequences of staying home, just in case said kiddo might be faking. (This step omitted in the presence of fever or disgusting bodily fluids.)
  • Call the school
  • Send the kid to bed
  • Start making chicken soup.

My chicken soup is neither fancy nor complicated. It’s simple, warming, and seems to have amazingly restorative powers. Two bowls of it practically cured Tsarina’s cold. (Seriously, the kid went from drooping on my knee to bouncing around the house in the time it took her to inhale this stuff.) So on the off chance that someone might be in need of instruction in how to make this healing treat, here you go.

  • Chop up an onion and 3 or 4 cloves of garlic (less if you’re not a garlic fan).
  • Saute them in a little butter in a soup pot or skillet (if you plan to finish this in a crock pot)..
  • Add shredded carrots. Let them cook for a couple of minutes.
  • If you’re doing the skillet/crock pot route, dump the veggies into the crock pot. If you’re using a soup pot, leave the veggies where they are.
  • Add a box (the 4 cup/about 1 liter size) of chicken broth. If you happen to have homemade broth on hand, use that and then come to my size to take care of me.
  • Add 2 cups/500 ml of water.
  • Add chicken. Wings, drumsticks, breast, whatever you have on hand.
  • Add poultry seasoning – 2 or 3 healthy shakes. More if you really like it. If you don’t have poultry seasoning on hand, add sage, thyme, basil, oregano – whatever you’ve got.
  • You can also add some salt & pepper to taste. Or just add pepper and let folks salt their own. Your choice. Don’t let the freedom drive you wild.
  • Let it simmer until the chicken is cooked and tender. This will take about an hour in a soup pot, longer in a crock pot.
  • If you used chicken that’s on the bone, scoop it out and debone it. I know. It’s gross. Feel free to call me vile names at this point. Toss it back into the broth.
  • Add a handful of frozen peas if your sickling will eat them. If you happen to have fresh parsley around, chop up a handful of it and toss that in, too. It’s certainly not required, but you will feel amazingly chef-like and talented.
  • Add Whatever Extra you prefer – rice, cooked noodles, matzah balls. Let it simmer a few more minutes, until the Whatever Extra is hot.
  • Ladle into bowls. Lean over your bowl and inhale deeply. Eat as much as you want or until it’s all gone.
  • Feel better soon!