Casa Chaos Update: the September Edition

I keep wondering how the first month of school can be over already. Then I remember that

  • They didn’t start until Sept. 8 – the month was already almost 1/3 over, and
  • This is the first week they’ll go five full days in a row. I’m serious. Week 1, they started on the Tuesday. Week – Rosh Hashanah. Week 3 – Yom Kippur. SO here we are, week 4, and it’s finally a full week – which will be followed by 2 4-day weeks in a row (thank you, Columbus Day). No wonder it feels like they’re never in school!

Other than trying to remember which day they’re off this week, it’s been a decent month. (Translation: I haven’t had to pack my suitcase at all!) The Geek & Geekess came for a fast visit over Labo(u)r Day weekend. We picked apples. We’ve had a long stretch of the most gloriously perfect weather – chilly nights, mildly warm days. HRH made a successful transition to high school and so far, she’s thriving. Tsarina still doesn’t like this class as much as last year’s class, but she’s settling in and making new friends (just like Mommy said would happen – oh, what a surprise!).

And we are working on memorizing times tables. Tsarina is a very visual/kinesthetic learner, so I’ve had to rethink all my approaches. Here’s my latest attempt to help her internalize this stuff:

math stepsBut mostly, I’ve been busy writing. The flip side of my sale to Berkley books means that I’m now writing for two publishers. Which means twice as many books to release. Which means twice as many – gulp – deadlines.

Which means, sadly, that I don’t have as much time to blog as I once had. On the other hand, since all I do now is stay home and write, it’s not like I have a lot of exciting adventures to share, yanno? 🙂

And that’s okay with me. I’m very fond of both my home and my work, and I’ll keep sharing them with all of you once or twice a week. After all, you never know where Miss Piggy will head to next …

What I’m Reading

GillabrandOff The SIdelines, by Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

Full disclosure: I picked this up purely for research purposes. But I found myself swiftly drawn in by the warmth and humor of the Senator as she navigates Congress while raising two young boys. I mean, how can you not feel for a woman who had to change her baby’s diaper on the Governor’s conference table before being sworn in as a Senator? Or who had to go directly from that ceremony to a pediatrician’s office, because her preschooler was sick? It was a fascinating, easy read, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a look at the human side of public service.

What I’m Singing:

My Something Rotten kick is still in full bloom. Enjoy.