Casa Chaos – the (Belated) July Roundup

July was one of those months when our suitcases got a serious workout. Someone asked me what we were doing this past weekend (August 1), and I said it had been so long since a weekend didn’t involve packing that I wasn’t sure what to do!

To recap, in brief:

  • we celebrated Canada Day in Canadaflag toes
  • we celebrated the Fourth of July in the States
  • Hubs and the Mensch booted it to Boston for a soccer game & a visit with the Geeks
  • we convened with family in Lake George
  • HRH did a film camp
  • the Mensch and Tsarina have been taking part in the village playground program (she as a kid, he as a counselor)
  • Hubs took a pack of the kids to Maine to visit family there
  • and while they were there, I was in NYC at the RWA National Conference

    Wednesday: Ready for the Literacy Signing. "Would you like moi to sign that for you?"

    Wednesday: Ready for the Literacy Signing. “Would you like moi to sign that for you?”we snuck in some yard work

  • Maestro came home for a week, and was joined part of the time by Hubs’ brother & nephew
  • there was swimming. And ice cream. And glider time (though never enough of that)
  • there was even some writing! Lots of new words on one project and another round of revisions on a second.
  • Oh, andRWA Katherine I sold a novella and two books to Berkley Intermix 🙂

Yes, you could say it was a full month. And in a sign of days to come, the 2015-2016 school calendar arrived in the mail last week. All those lovely full days, just a few weeks away …

What I’m Reading This Month:

i know howBecause who can’t use some tips on making the most of their time?

“Having it all” has become the subject of countless books, articles, debates, and social media commentary, with passions running high in all directions. Many now believe this to be gospel truth: Any woman who wants to advance in a challenging career has to make huge sacrifices. She’s unlikely to have a happy marriage, quality time with her kids (assuming she can have kids at all), a social life, hobbies, or even a decent night’s sleep.

But what if balancing work and family is actually not as hard as it’s made out to be? What if all those tragic anecdotes ignore the women who quietly but consistently do just fine with the juggle? … With examples from hundreds of real women, Vanderkam proves that you don’t have to give up on the things you really want. I Know How She Does It will inspire you to build a life that works, one hour at a time.

What I’m Watching:

Yeah. Constantly.

And Yes, There Is Singing!