A Mom’s Gotta Do …

If all goes well, at the precise moment this blog goes live, my bus will be pulling out of the Greyhound station, headed for the Big Apple. Am I excited? Oh yeah. The next few days are going to be one gigundo whirlwind of meetings, workshops, chocolate, hugs, and nonstop talking. It’s a wild old time and I can’t wait to get started.

The bad news is that, right on schedule, I woke up with a plugged ear this morning. This seems to happen every time I go to RWA.

The good news is that it’s plugged because we went away this weekend, and I brought a little of this back with me. Behind my eardrum, but still.

lake georgeYeah. It was kind of awesome. And you know, SOMEONE had to do it.

So we came home, and I spent today running around packing, and I’m not totally done yet because HRH realized she needed more shorts so we had to go to Target, and there’s company coming like the day after I get home so things must be prepared, and I had to try out my new thingie for washing windows with the hose (Windex in a way cool bottle that screws onto your hose – I am IN LOVE, people), and then somehow, someone had promised HRH that we would go to the cheapo theater tonight to see Pitch Perfect 2. And I was all, no way, folks, I have a list 12 miles long. not happening.

But it was Pitch Perfect 2. pitch perfect 2

And HRH really wanted to go.

And then Tsarina asked if she could go (PLEASE don’t report us to Child Protective.) And the Mensch said, hey, if we were all going …

There was a scramble of epic proportions, but we finally piled into the car and picked up Hubs and made it just a minute or two into the movie. Which was totally worth the scramble and the insanity.

But now I must run and finish putting things into my backpack, and schedule a blood donation, and finish revising a novella. And about twelve thousand other things. But a mom’s gotta do what a moms gotta do, which reminds me of this, which I shall now be singing for the rest of the night …