Randomly, On a Monday ….

(Total apologies to the Yarn Harlot for my flagrant stealing of her blog title.)

  • We made it to Canada for Canada Day and back home for the Fourth of July.
  • Even better, we were going against the traffic both ways. No long lines at the border for us!
  • Summer programs began last week. The Mensch is working at Tsarina’s ,morning playground program. HRH is spending two weeks studying and learning about films, And I have regained some of my sanity.
  • But just a little, because RWA National is next week and there is the PACKING and the PREPPING OF GIVEAWAY STUFF and the PLANNING OF EVERYONE ELSE’S LIVES WHILST I AM GONE and the constant social media barrage reminding me that RWA NATIONAL IS NEXT WEEK, OMG OMG OMG!
  • We had a Sixties Flashback at church kid’s care yesterday.

tie dyeGroovy, man.