Can You Help?

ARK 6I wanted to give out more ARK prizes today, but I can’t. There haven’t been any new donations 😦

Helping is hard, I know. We’re all strapped for time and cash. We all think that unless we can give a good-sized chunk o’change, it’s not worth the hassle and the paperwork and what if I end up on their mailing list, and I have my own kids to take care of, and …

Trust me. I have felt and thought and said every one of these things. None of us can help everyone we would wish, every time we wish. If we could, this world would be a much more joyful place. And yes, I really believe that. Because I believe that in our hearts – our deepest, purest hearts – all of us would wish for a lot less hunger and hurting in this world.

I can’t make any promises about mailing lists. I can’t tell you five bucks will do the same amount of good as fifty or five ARK 8hundred. All I can tell you is this:

  • A bunch of people giving five bucks is better than no one giving fifty
  • Five or ten dollars can do more than you can imagine
  • All help is good. All help makes a difference. All help can work miracles, for both the giver and the recipient.

And I can tell you one more thing:

there are a lot of awesome prizes (books, Amazon gift cards, etc) still up for grabs. So if you can find your way clear to give a few bucks to the Alliance for Children Foundation, and then let me know that you did so, your chances of winning one of the thank you prizes are very very excellent.

Help a kid. Win something for yourself. Double your smiles for the day.

You can do it.