Please Sir, May I Have Some More … Yard Work?

With the left side of the house cleaned up and the deck touched up, it was time to attack the right side yard. This is a much bigger project. It’s going to take a while, methinks, and there’s still the whole back yard to get to …

Gah. Slow and steady might win the race, but it’s freakin’ frustrating when we’re talking yards.

In any case, I headed out to the left side yard and was greeted with this lovely mess:

Left Side

Left Side

Right Side

Right Side

(It’s hard to see on the right side, but that’s one major patch of tall weeds.)

I let loose with a few words, gave thanks that I had spritzed myself with some bug spray (did I mention I found a tick after a previous weeding session? LOVELY.), and commenced yanking. After a while I got into it. Kind of felt like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man bashing my way through the city, you know?

When the destructo portion was done, I was left with this:

Right Side

Right Side

Left Side

Left Side

Doesn’t that look better?

Then Hubs got to do his part. He divided one of the Mondo Hostas that was doing its best to take over the Black-Eyed Susan patch, and set it out in portions against the house.

A side 5A side 7

After that, he dug up some lilac runners that were trying to make a break for the road (FREEDOM!) and set those along the right hand space. Someday they’ll provide a nice bit of extra privacy between our house and the neighbors.

We’re getting there!


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