It’s Been A Less-Than-Quiet Week At Casa Chaos ….

… and while it’s all good, most of it is stuff I can’t talk about yet. (Yeah, I know. Teasing is mean.)

But one thing I CAN talk about, very happily, is that people are donating to the ARK! This is such a delight to see, And because folks have been so awesome, I’m equally delighted to announce that I’ve done the first prize drawing.

Gayle Callen

One of the members of my amazing critique group, Gayle Callen, will be sending an Amazon gift card to  Diane B.!

Anna Sugden

Superromance sister Anna Sugden will be sending a signed copy of A Perfect Trade and A Perfect Catch, plus a bonus limited edition signed copy of her short, A Perfect Party, to Nina P.Rumor has it there may also be some chocolate in that goodie bag!

Linda Reilly

Here’s hoping Teresa K. enjoys cozy mysteries, because she’ll be receiving a a signed copy of Fillet of Murder and an Amazon gift card from Linda Reilly!

Kristina Knight

And last but not least, Laurie B, will be receiving some goodies from Kristina Knight – a signed copy of

The Daughter He Wanted and an Amazon gift card!

Emails will be going out the the winners and authors. I’ll award more prizes next week, so spread the word and keep those donations flowing. And remember, everyone, even those who have won once, will be in the running for the final prize pack from Harlequin that will be awarded at the end of the month. Oh the joy!