Piggy And The Cover Model

It was a meeting of the Beautiful People when Piggy met Blondie, the beautiful dog featured on the cover of the Comfort Food Mystery Series by Christine Wenger.

It was their first meeting, so Blondie had to start with a sniff.

blondie 2Then they spent some time chitchatting about photographers and the paparazzi and their latest appearances. Piggy discussed writing an editorial for Time magazine to accompany her recent recognition as a feminist icon. Blondie shared some dirt on the photo shoot for Macaroni and Freeze, the soon-to-be-released (but available for pre-order now!) installment in the Comfort Food series.

macaroni and freezeApparently that floor was so cold, Blondie had to be wrapped in hot towels between takes. The things one must do when one is an icon!

After a great deal of laughter and sharing, the two made their farewells and parted with a kiss. Au revoir, cherie!

blondie 1