It’s All About The Balance

blue deck 2

The weather and the time finally cooperated last weekend, and I got to do some of the deck detailing. And of course, once I got started I didn’t want to stop.

So, Hubs had done the majority of the staining a couple of weeks back. Most of the deck was a very dark grey, almost black, but we wanted to do some accents in blue. Unfortunately, when he first added the blue, it looked almost white against the dark stain, and the whole effect just wasn’t working.

Last week we took a lookblue deck 3 at the deck and agreed that part of the problem was balance. There wasn’t enough of the blue to counter the dark grey. Maybe, we thought, if we added more blue, things would work better.

I think we nailed it!

blue deck stairs

There remained the problem of the stairs. He had done some blue on them, but again, we needed more. Turns out that was an easy fix.

blue deck planterFinally, I took a look around and spied the small planter built into the corner of the lower deck. We had flowers in there but they were lost in all that dark grey. Blue stain to the rescue! (It looks a bit washed out in this picture, but roll with me here. In real life, it works.)

We need to do some touch ups, and I just realized we haven’t restrung the lights after taking them down to stain. (Oops.) But at this point, I’m calling the deck 90% done, and 100% successful.