It’s That Time of Year

june calendar

The end-of-school events are ramping up. Last night, we attended HRH’s final middle-school concert, and let me tell you, those kids and their teachers knocked it out of the ball park. The chorale teacher had the siblings of the choristers in one song, so at one point in the concert, the auditorium erupted as a stream of brothers and sisters from first grade to college age made their way to the stage to join in. The orchestra did a selection of Beatles songs, interspersed with clips from Hard Day’s Night and the Ed Sullivan show. Kids dressed up as the Beatles. The chorus sang along with the orchestra. The gym teacher did a dead-on Ed Sullivan imitation. It was a concert for the ages, that’s for sure.

Oh, and did I mention that HRH had a solo? And that she totally NAILED it? Yeah. Seriously Proud Mama moment there.

HRH will soon depart on her eighth-grade end of year trip. Tsarina will have an ice cream social. There’s a final Open House coming up, and a luncheon for the library volunteers, and of course, the class parties and celebrations. Add in some birthdays and Father’s Day and other events, and you have the makings of a full month.

And did I mention I have a new book out in the world? Or that I’m running a fundraiser? Now you know!