Oh, My Aching Everything

Last weekend, the girls were off Friday (because believe it or not, we didn’t use all our scheduled snowdays) and Monday, for Memorial Day. It was lovely and cool for the first half of those days, so it was serious Get Stuff Done time.

Friday brought the annual cleaning out of the garage. We began the day with this:

garage 1(Let me point out that this is a four car garage. You’re getting a VERY condensed view in these shots. )

After hours of hauling and dragging and cursing and considering the advantages of burning it all, we had this:

garage 2We won’t discuss what the lawn and driveway resembled. There’s a very good reason why I didn’t take any pictures of those.

After a very long session of sweeping and choking and shooing kids out of breathing distance because seriously, little lungs did NOT need to inhale all that crap, the place was deemed ready to resume operations. Back in went the (weeded, sorted, and way more organized) contents. By the end of the day, the garage was a much more respectable habitat.

garage 3After a good night’s sleep and many wishes for Sven to show up and give me a full-body massage, Saturday dawned with the promise of more work. This time it was back to weeding the hill on the left side of the house. And it was seriously in need. Voila:

hill rightPretty scary, huh? I think they could have used that as a backdrop in some of the Jurassic movies. But it’s amazing what a few hours of sweating and yanking can accomplish.

Here’s the left side of the hill, before: hill leftAnd after.

left hill after

The right side of the hill before intervention:

hill right 2

And after:

right hill afterI swear it’s the same place. The angle has changed, but the spot is the same.

At the end of the day, I had another lovely row of lawn bags:

lawn bagsAnd a pile of vines and sticks that we trucked out in the wheelbarrow.

vines and sticksI was very glad that the next day was Sunday and I got to sit in a hard pew for an hour. It was a major relief.

Oh, and while I was doing all of that, Hubs was sealing the driveway and staining the deck. By Sunday afternoon, when we helped plant pumpkins for the church, it was like, “Muscles? Yeah, we have ’em!”

This weekend promises to be stormy and rainy. I think I hear the storage room calling to be finished …