Microwave Single Chocolate Chip Cookie Awesomeness

The other day, it hit me that I haven’t done any baking in a long time. I know. This is probably a good thing. Who has the time? Who needs the calories?

But the truth is that even without baking, the old hips weren’t showing any difference. And the other truth was that I missed it. I like baking. I like the way the smells fill the house and the warmth fills the kitchen and the gooey deliciousness fills my mouth and dances on my tongue.

I didn’t have time to bake a whole batch of cookies. Nor did I want to eat a whole batch of cookies. (Okay, yeah, I did. But that didn’t mean I should.) Then I remembered seeing recipes for single-serve cookies and cakes in a microwave, and I thought, hmmmm ….

A few minutes with Mr. Google and I found this recipe. Five minutes later, I had this:


And my oh my, was it worth it.

It was gooey. Warm. Chocolate-y. It satisfied my cookie cravings without needing to make a whole batch, and it was so easy to make that when HRH came home from school, I whipped one up for her. Yesterday, she made one by herself. Easy. Peasy. And just the right treat on a cool day when there’s no time for serious baking.

The baking bug is still knocking around inside me, for now, this will do very very nicely.