It Was A Beautiful Day In My Neighborhood …

Last Saturday turned out to be gorgeous, weather-wise. I had planned to finish the storage room but decided to spend the bulk of the day on yard work (also far overdue). This turned out to be a great decision except for one teensy problem, which didn’t show up until later.

But first, the yard! I decided to tackle one (short) side of the house. Step one: weed and stake up the raspberries.


Step two: stare in dismay at the weeds that had taken over the ground cover.

yard6yard7Step three: gird my loins, banish thoughts of snakes and mice and other creepy-crawlies, and dive in. I tugged and yanked and snipped. For HOURS. I found an old hose buried under the weeds (and let us all pause for a moment to imagine my first thoughts on seeing that long, skinny, sinuous item peeking up at me). I discovered a bunch of vines growing up and under the siding – yeah, that had to be good for the house – and took great delight in yanking them out.

When I was done, I was left with this:

yard2And this:

yard3And this proof of my labor:

yard 1(We could have kept raking, but we ran out of lawn bags.)

When that task was done, I hauled my poor aching self into the house, sucked down an iced latte, told myself to stop being a First World wuss, and set the timer to do half an hour in the storage room. And made great progress in that short time:

storage6storage5It’s almost there! I’m almost looking forward to finishing it up this weekend.