We Interrupt This Deck Make-Over …

The good news is that the deck has been pressure washed and restained.

The bad news is that we tried to do something fancy with the stain and – well – let’s just say, our work is still cut out for us.


I knew I should have consulted with my sister. She and her hubby are amazingly creative folks who can turn an everyday school child into, say, a Dinosaur.

dino 2dino

Or a Minion.

Minion 1

Yes, those costumes were made by them. Not by folks in a store, but by real-life gifted parents, who then turned their back yard into Gotham City for my niece’s Batman birthday party. Like this:

batman trampoline And this:

batmobile 2 gotham jail

And you can’t forget the cakes!
batcakesI’m not sure if my niece knows that she hit the parent jackpot, but let me tell you this: the rest of us sure do!