Roast Sticky Chicken – Rotisserie Style

Many apologies: I forgot to take a picture of this chicken. Part of the fault lies with me being forgetful. Most of the fault lies with it being so good that we kind of inhaled it.

Last summer, I developed an intense love for beer can chicken. It was fast and easy and delicious, didn’t heat up the kitchen, and even Tsarina would eat it. So on my last shopping trip I grabbed a whole chicken with plans to beer can it.

Except – remember that new grill? Bad news. It’s not high enough to handle a beer can with a chicken plopped on top.

The Guilty Party

The Guilty Party

I needed a new whole-chicken recipe. It had to fulfill all the important criteria: easy, delicious, not heat intensive, Tsarina-approved. I took myself to AllRecipes (All Hail AllRecipes!) and poked around. The highest rated roast chicken recipe was for Roast Sticky Chicken – Rotisserie Style.

Ladies and gents, we have a major league winner.

It was incredibly easy to make. I measured the spices directly into a ziploc bag, tossed the chicken in, and gave it a few turns to get everything saturated. I didn’t have as much time to marinate as recommended, but that turned out to be no problemo. It does take a long time to cook (about 5 hours), but it’s at a very low heat, so the kitchen didn’t get overwhelmingly warm. (One of the comments on the recipe mentions making it in the crock pot. I might have to try that. It might be worth sacrificing the crispy skin on a super hot day.)

And the results were mega-delish.

I added chicken broth & cornstarch to the drippings to make a gravy. We served it with egg noodles and some kind of vegetable, and it was a hit. This is definitely going in the summer recipe rotation. It was very moist, very flavorful, and super easy. Highly recommended!