Sweet, Sticky and Spicy Chicken

Hey, guess what? Remember last week, I said I had written a post about a chicken recipe and it disappeared? It landed in the wrong place (I have no idea how), but I found it, hooray, and here you are!

I have two things to say about this recipe, which we tried for the first time last week:

  • it was awesome
  • when people on AllRecipes rave about how quick and easy a dish is to prepare – I suspect they are sometimes smoking stuff I haven’t smelled since college.

sweet sticky chickenMake no mistake, it was VERY tasty. Spicy, too: I would tone down the heat a bit next time. Tsarina took one bite and gulped her milk so fast, you would have thought we’d given her permission to watch bad internet cartoons as soon as she was finished.

There are some good suggestions in the comments, so I suggest you read at least the first ten or so. Many folks said they needed to dredge the chicken in flour before cooking, and some lay out a great timetable of how to do it if you wish to add vegetables. I added onions and pepper slices. (The green beans, which were also very yummy, came from this recipe.)

I did save time by using instant brown rice. Because it was SO important to cook the rice in 5 minutes instead of putting it in the rice cooker and forgetting about it 🙂

Final verdict: I would make this again, absolutely. But I would not try to do it on the night when we’re at cello lessons until 5:45.


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