This, That, and the Other

  • I wrote a post on Monday – a lovely commentary on a chicken recipe. It disappeared. Didn’t publish, doesn’t show up as a draft … nothing. We’ve been having internet problems, so I blame that. Or Texas.
  • There’s still time to enter my Goodreads drawing for one of six PAPER copies (no longer sold in stores) of A FAMILY COME TRUE. It closes May 15.
  • June is going to be a big month here on Ye Olde Blog. I have something very special planned.
  • Two of my critique partners have books out this month!
    • MJ Compton’s first baseball romance, SUMMER FLING, is now on sale, and it’s a sizzler!Caroline Maplethorpe spent a summer as plaything for a minor league baseball team…and oh, how Win summer flingWinston played.

      Seven years later, she’s respectable, and he’s in the big leagues. Now that he’s found her again, he still wants her in a major way. But their second-chance relationship attracts too much publicity, and the secrets of their past threaten to destroy the respectable life Caroline so carefully reconstructed after that crazy summer.

    • And the latest in Emma Cane’s Valentine Valley series, Ever After At The Sweetheart Ranch, has hit the shelves!
      • A teacher and her cowboy crush kindle sparks—and something more—
        in the town that lives up to its name. . .  

        Math teacher Lyndsay De Luca never surprised anyone—least of all herself—until this summer. First, she secretlEver Aftery published her debut romance novel. Then she started dating Will Sweet, the cowboy of her dreams. And now Lyndsay’s scrambling to hide the juiciest tidbit of all: that the hazel-eyed hero of her steamy fiction is the same guy whose kisses have become her mind-blowing reality.

        Ever since Will’s high school sweetheart died in a tragic accident, he hasn’t been able to commit to a long-term relationship. Lyndsay is the first woman in years who’s been able to catch—and keep—his attention. When they team up to teach Valentine’s teens about ranch life, Will discovers it’s not just her sexy-as-hell smile that has him hooked. Will she be the one to finally break down the walls around his guarded heart?