Piggy And The Girls

And by “the girls,” I don’t mean my daughters.

Piggy takes care of herself. She works out, eats well, and always makes sure she gets enough sleep – a challenge when someone travels as much as she does. She also makes sure to visit her doctor for regular checkups. This year she reached the age when it is time to add a mammogram to her health care regimen. So since I was scheduled for one myself, she had hers done at the same time.

Since it was her first mammogram, the tech very kindly let her inspect the equipment before things began.

piggy mammo 1As seats go, it wasn’t bad. Certainly more spacious than that time she had to fly from New York to London in -shudder – coach.

piggy mammo 2Once she had a chance to familiarize herself with the room and the machinery (and ensure there were no pesky paparazzi lingering in the shadows), she went to the dressing room and donned the gown.

piggy mammo 3That Piggy. She makes even a hospital gown look good.

The actual procedure was easier than she’d imagined (though she now understands the humor behind all those refrigerator door jokes) Three or four pictures on each side and she was done.

Was it painful? No, though there was brief discomfort.Compared to the dentist, though, this was nothing.

Did it take a long time? Not where I go. We were walking back to my car twenty-five minutes after we arrived, and that included paperwork.

Was it awkward or embarrassing? Sure, a little. As I told her, most of us aren’t usually in the habit of walking into a room with a stranger and letting that person manipulate our body parts into unusual positions.

But is it worth it? Oh yes. When the phone rang that afternoon to tell us that both of our mammograms were normal, we high-fived each other and did a little jump for joy.

And then we promised to help each other through it again next year.