Meals on Monday: the Go-To Meal

We zipped to Boston this weekend. We planned to run the Marathon until Hubs pulled a groin muscle.

(Excuse me for a moment while I laugh hysterically at the thought of any of us running a marathon.)

No, we were there to visit our Boston crew. It was a lovely visit punctuated by a lot of meal-and-housing related SNAFUs that only left us laughing harder. A lot of driving, but a boatload of good times.

We rolled back into town around dinner time, tired, stiff, and hungry. We needed something that was quick, that would please everyone, and – especially important after a weekend away – that relied heavily on fruits and vegetable.

Enter the Go-To Meal.

go-to mealIngredients:

  • one rotisserie chicken from the deli counter
  • one Caesar salad kit
  • crusty rolls, or – if you’re as lucky as we were last night – corn on the cob
  • (not shown) some kind of fruit.


  • Stop at the store to get whatever parts of the meal you need.
  • Pull into the driveway and unload the car
  • Start the laundry
  • Start water boiling
  • Shuck the corn
  • Add corn to boiling water & set the timer for 10 minutes
  • Tell one of the kids to set the table
  • Slice the chicken, wash & cut the fruit, prep the salad
  • Put it all on the table and dig in.

Almost as fast as pizza, cheaper, and healthier to boot.

And for those of you still snickering over the thought of any os us being athletic enough to pull a muscle, groin or other, I offer you this:

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