What’s On Deck: the Spring Version

Winter is over.

The snow is gone.

Which means it’s time to face the inevitable: the deck needs work.

Oh, nothing major. This is a good, sturdy deck, which we added when we bought the house back in ’98. Two months after we added it, central New York was hit with the Labor Day Storm, and a massive tree landed across our brand new deck. But the construction stood up to the winds and the tree, and it’s still standing strong.

No, the deck doesn’t need much, but it’s time to do some cosmetic work. Soon we’ll be able to have dinner out there again, and we’ll want it to look appealing and inviting. Here’s what we’re starting with:

deck 2 4-16deck 1 4-16

Not bad by any means. But it needs color. Flowers, for sure, and some fresh herbs in those planters. I want to add some solar lights. A tablecloth, a bright umbrella, some wind chimes … what else? I am severely challenged when it comes to making things look pretty, so I could use all the suggestions I can get. Let me know what you think would help!