Travels With Piggy: Hide and Go Piggy

The other day, I reached for my purse to take a picture of Piggy on one of my outings only to find that she wasn’t there.

I panicked for a moment before remembering that she had journeyed to Florida with us and was probably still in my travel backpack. Not that I would EVER let a bag sit unpacked for two weeks, but …


I grabbed my trusty carry-on backpack – the one filled with zippers and compartments and secret hiding places – and took a look.

bag 1

She wasn’t in the top pouch, where I usually tucked her.

bag 2

She wasn’t in the main pouch.

bag 3

She wasn’t in the side pouch. And here, I really started to panic, because when I stopped and thought back, I was sure I had nestled her in there.

bag 4

But then I took a closer look beneath the travel cord. Was there, perhaps, a hint of pink lurking in the depths?

bag 5


bag 6