What’s On Deck: Snow Talk and a Contest WINNER!

Well folks, we have good news and bad news.

First, the good. Here’s how the deck looks today:

deck shot 4-2That’s right. All that remains of winter is that little patch of snow in front of the grill, and given the forecast for today (Sunny! Above 60 F! Our one day of spring is here!!!), I doubt that patch will make it through the day. So WOOOOOHOOOO to one bit of hope!

Because the bad news is – the deck may be clear, but the front yard still has snow. So does the back. And as for the snow mountain? Well, see for yourselves:

snow mountain 4-2Yeah. Even with milder days, this puppy still has a ways to go. Therefore, I am declaring Jean the Queen of the Snow Mountain. Her guess of April 3 was the latest, so she will be closest to the final melt date, therefore, she is our winner. BRAVO! Toss confetti! Wooohooo!

Jean, shoot me an email (or use the Contact form in the sidebar) so we can discuss the details of your prize. And to all of you, many thanks for playing along, and dang. You guys are the definition of cock-eyed optimists 🙂

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